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Contributors : Mika for the SN meshes.
Item replacement : Hair 110 for all
Races affected : All races
Genders affected : Female
Mod description : Hat compatible side braid.


  • Hat compatibility : Yes (Except Viera, it just didn't wanna work, i'll revisit)
  • Highlights : Yes
  • Earless Miqo’te : Yes - Vanilla ears are also included.
  • Au ra horn compatibility : Should be fine for all horns.

Ensure that your frames are capped between 60 to 72 fps to get the best weight display. If you go higher the hair will not move as smoothly. I test them at 72 since it's the lowest i can go before dropping to 30.


  • Personal private edits are OK.
  • Do not claim as your own.
  • Do not share, re-upload or re-distribute without my permission.
  • Do not port to other games. Do not use in any type of mod commission without my permission.
  • Do not use in NSFW depictions of child coded/underaged characters. (Lalafell, Ryne, Meteion, Leveilleur twins, etc.)
  • Do not use in the displaying/promoting/making of triggering/hateful/degrading/racist content.

Programs Used

  • Textools
  • Penumbra
  • 3ds Max 2021
  • Photoshop CC

Contact Information

If you run into any issues while using my products, please contact me via Discord.
Discord : blxssfall

Digital products have a no refund policy.
If you were somehow charged twice or are having any issues, please use my contact information to reach me.