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Contributor : Mika
This item uses : Custom hair texture - Vanilla ear textures
This item is for : All females
Replaces : Hair 168 for all and 3 for Viera

Options included 

  • Earless miqo'te included in the file. 
  • Installing only one race will not break the others. 
  • Hat compatible

Viera weights are a tiny bit stiffer than other races due to racial bones but it should not affect posing.

Updates will be listed here if there are any :

  • Update 1 - 03/05/2022 - Fixed Lalafell to be hat compatible - fixed lalafell head clipping.

Earless miqo'te tips: If you wish to use ear mods that replace the actual miqo'te ears, you'll need to use a miqo'te ear flap hide mod and you'll need to use modded hair like this one to avoid seeing holes. Do not DM me for help with your earless mods, I do not specialize in them, I simply offer the option for the hair to work with your earless mods. Please message whoever made your ear/tail mod instead for that kind of help. Thank you !

Programs used 

  •  Autodesk 3Ds Max 2022
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Textools by Liinko


  • Do not use any part of this mod for any type of commission. 
  • Do not re-upload/re-release. 
  • Do not claim as your own. 
  • Personal private edits are OK as long as no money is involved. 
  • Do not port my work to other games.