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Contributor : Mika
This hair is for : All females
Replaces : 107 for all and 16 for Viera

⋆ It uses ex bones so there should be minimal clipping. Miqo'te and Au Ra are very flowy and natural looking, Viera is a bit stiffer due to the lack of ex bones to fix that. The other races use limited ex bones and might be a bit too flowy in strong wind weather but there's not much I can do about this one unless I remove the ability to pose both twintails separately. All of these versions are fully poseable in anamnesis/cmtool.

Options : 

This hair is hat compatible. (Shaped around Calfskin Cap)

Earless miqo'te is included in the pack.

Installing one race only will not break the others.

Permissions : 

⋆ Personal, private edits are OK as long as no money is involved.
⋆ Do not port to other games.
⋆ Do not claim as your own, share, re-release/re-upload anywhere.
⋆ Do not use any part of my work in commissions of any type - private or public.
⋆ My textures are not a resource, feel free to study them as well as my hair to learn though.